Tizeti Network Limited

Country: Nigeria
Number of IPs: 8,192 IP Addresses
Type: Isp ASN
Netblock Company Num of IPs Customers in Ogudu 256 Customers in Ogudu 256 Customers in Ogudu 256 Customers in Xpresswifi 256 Customers in Apapa 256 Customers in Festac 256 Customers in Ojo area 256 Customers in Mainland west 256 Tizeti Network Limited 1,024 Ed East 256 EDO WEST 256 LONG LIVE NORTH 256 LONGLIVE SOUTH 256 LONG LIVE EAST 256 LONG LIVE WEST 256 XWF_NORTH 256 XWF_SOUTH 256 East lagos Express Wifi Customer 256 Express wifi lagos west 256 Customers on the mainone link 256 Custoers on backup link 256 TIZETI NOC Servers (Radius, IPTV and VOIP) 256 Point to point wireless back haul and edge routers 256 CUSTOMERS in CHERUBMALL 256 CUSTOMERS in LEKKI 256 CUSTOMERS in Yaba 256 CUSTOMERS in Cherub East 256 Customers on social network wifi 256 Customer in wifi network gbagada 256 Customers on Social network ikeja 256 Customers on VI 256