Country: Papua New Guinea
Number of IPs: 16,384 IP Addresses
Type: Isp ASN
Netblock Company Num of IPs NATIONAL INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY AUTHORITY 512 MYNET 256 GIT LIMITED 512 P.O Box 209 Waigani 1,024 PNG University of Technology 8,192 PNG DATACO LTD 256 Global Internet customer access in Port Moresby, Madang, and Kokopo in Papua New Guinea. 256 PNG DATACO LTD 256 Digicel Mobile PNG NAT Pool 256 Customer IP address ranges for Datec PNG, an ISP. 256 PNG DATACO LTD 256 Daltron Electronics Internet Service Network 512 PNG DATACO LTD 256 Divine Word Univesity 256 PNG DATACO LTD 256 Hitron ISP 256 PNG DATACO LTD 512 PNG DATACO LTD 1,024 Strickland Agencies Pty Ltd 256