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Email Lookup FAQ

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about email lookups.

How do I Track an Anonymous email?

To track an anonymous email, you could check the header and trace the information from the IP address. Or you could simply use a WhoIsMind email search and find out all about the person, such as their name, address, phone number, social media accounts, criminal records, and much more.

How to Lookup Email Addresses for Free

If you don’t have someone’s email address, search Google or social media sites to find it. Then, with a WhoIsMind subscription, you could enter an email address into the search tool and find lots of information within minutes. Search results may include names, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, other email accounts, social media handles, criminal records, and more.

How to Lookup Email Addresses

Looking up an email address is simple using a reverse email search. Enter the person’s email address, click search and review all the information like names, addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, court records, arrests, criminal records, and much more.

Is Reverse Email Lookup Free to Use?

The initial search is free but will only provide basic information. For more detailed records, you must have a WhoIsMind subscription. With a membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to our easy-to-use reverse email lookup tool.