YoAfrica (Pvt) Ltd

Country: Zimbabwe
Number of IPs: 20,480 IP Addresses
Type: Isp ASN
Netblock Company Num of IPs YoAfrica (Pvt) Ltd 2,048 YoAfrica (Pvt) Ltd 1,024 YoAfrica (Pvt) Ltd 256 YoAfrica (Pvt) Ltd 512 YoAfrica (Pvt) Ltd 1,024 Assignment to YO!AFRICA Servers for Email, Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, DNS, File servers at the Headquarters Data Centre 256 Assignment for Office users and network equipment. 256 Dialup and ADSL Dynamic user allocation 256 Client Static UHF Assignment 256 Harare Branch ADSL Clients' allocation 256 ADSL clients' new block 512 Harare WAN IPs allocated for WAN type circuits 256 IP block used for assigning routed client IPs 256 Fibre Clients Point-to-point IP block 256 Additional Allocations for ADSL Clients 512 Additional IP block for Fibre Clients 512 YoAfrica Additional Servers and Network Devices Netblock 256 WiMAX, ADSL and UHF additional IP blocks 512 WiMAX Additional users block 512 WiMAX and Fibre PPPoE Client Block 512 Fibre Clients New IP block 1,024 VSAT IP Block Allocation 512 Pockets Hill Fixed (No ASN) Wimax Block 256 VSAT 2nd Block 512