Malawi Telecommunications Limited

Country: Malawi
Number of IPs: 12,800 IP Addresses
Type: Isp ASN
Netblock Company Num of IPs NIC.MW 256 .mw ccTLD backup node, Lilongwe 256 NIC.MW 256 A dynamically assigned pool of addresses for MTL's CDMA-EVDO service. 1,024 Malawi Telecommunications Limited 256 Pool of addresses statically assigned to customers on MTL's xDSL service. 256 Point to Point Internet links – Southern region 256 Point to Point Internet links – Central region 256 This is a dynamically assigned IP pool for our ADSL service 512 Point to point links for L3 VPN services in Blantyre 256 MPLS L3 VPN point to point links for Lilongwe customers 256 Internet customers 256 Internet Customers 256 MTL Network Infrastructure 512 LTE customer assignments 1,024 Internet customer links 512 VPN PE CE 512 VPN PE CE 512 Blantyre_Exchange_POP_Customers 512 adsl Intternet 256 adsl Internet 256 VPN PE CE 256 Customer Networks South 256 Malawi Telecommunications Limited 512 Internet customer networks in the Southern Region 512 Internet customer networks in the North and Center 512 WiMAX customer assignments 2,048