China ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to China, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network.

ASN Name Num IPS
AS4134 CHINANET-BACKBONE 113,243,136
AS4837 CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone 58,944,512
AS9808 Guangdong Mobile Communication Co.Ltd. 36,974,080
AS9394 China TieTong Telecommunications Corporation 20,153,600
AS4538 China Education and Research Network Center 17,171,712
AS4812 China Telecom (Group) 8,595,456
AS4808 China Unicom Beijing Province Network 8,472,064
AS37963 Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co.,Ltd. 7,743,488
AS45090 Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited 4,906,496
AS4847 China Networks Inter-Exchange 4,877,056
AS17816 China Unicom IP network China169 Guangdong province 3,914,752
AS56046 China Mobile communications corporation 3,103,744
AS56041 China Mobile communications corporation 2,998,016
AS23724 IDC, China Telecommunications Corporation 2,974,720
AS134773 CHINANET Guangdong province Guangzhou MAN network 2,696,448
AS24444 Shandong Mobile Communication Company Limited 2,058,496
AS56048 China Mobile Communicaitons Corporation 2,049,792
AS24445 Henan Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd 2,037,760
AS56040 China Mobile communications corporation 2,030,336
AS134772 CHINANET Guangdong province Dongguan MAN network 1,889,024
AS9812 Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. 1,785,856
AS136200 CHINANET Guangdong province Foshan MAN network 1,547,008
AS24357 CERNET2 IX at South China University of Technology 1,245,952
AS17621 China Unicom Shanghai network 1,075,200
AS132203 Tencent Building, Kejizhongyi Avenue 1,053,696
AS56044 China Mobile communications corporation 1,040,896
AS24364 CERNET2 IX at Shanghai Jiaotong University 983,808
AS7497 Computer Network Information Center 876,032
AS24400 Shanghai Mobile Communications Co.,Ltd. 850,432
AS58461 CT-HangZhou-IDC 848,128
AS140317 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Shaoguan 5G network 813,824
AS4835 China Telecom (Group) 764,672
AS55990 Huawei Cloud Service data center 751,104
AS56047 China Mobile communications corporation 744,448
AS9929 CHINA UNICOM Industrial Internet Backbone 741,632
AS17962 ShenZhen Topway Video Communication Co. Ltd 722,944
AS17638 ASN for TIANJIN Provincial Net of CT 720,896
AS17622 China Unicom Guangzhou network 707,328
AS7641 China Broadcasting TV Net 665,088
AS24547 Hebei Mobile Communication Company Limited 656,896
AS58593 Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co.,Ltd 640,000
AS17623 China Unicom Shenzen network 635,136
AS4809 China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network 598,528
AS38341 HEXIE Information technology Co., Ltd. 587,776
AS58519 Cloud Computing Corporation 585,728
AS56042 China Mobile communications corporation 570,624
AS136198 CHINANET Guangdong province Yuexi MAN network 568,832
AS136199 CHINANET Guangdong province Yuedong MAN network 552,448
AS24139 Huashu media&Network Limited 524,288
AS24138 China TieTong Telecommunications Corporation 521,728
AS140061 Qinghai Telecom 516,096
AS140312 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Zhanjiang 5G network 515,072
AS23771 SXBCTV 505,856
AS38370 China TieTong Telecommunications Corporation 487,680
AS58466 CHINANET Guangdong province network 484,352
AS17968 Daqing zhongji petroleum telecommunication construction limited cpmpany 438,272
AS140313 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Zhaoqing 5G network 412,672
AS24348 CERNET2 IX at Tsinghua University 398,080
AS45576 Tsinghua University 397,312
AS140316 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Chaozhou 5G network 395,008
AS9802 Abitcool(China) Inc. 386,048
AS4816 China Telecom (Group) 385,024
AS132525 HeiLongJiang Mobile Communication Company Limited 369,664
AS58543 Guangdong 359,936
AS17964 Beijing Dian-Xin-Tong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. 353,536
AS55960 Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Digital 345,856
AS38019 tianjin Mobile Communication Company Limited 339,968
AS140308 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Zhuhai 5G network 327,168
AS9814 Beijing FibrLINK Networks Co.,Ltd. 325,888
AS134810 China Mobile Group JiLin communications corporation 320,256
AS4811 China Telecom (Group) 316,672
AS23650 AS Number for CHINANET jiangsu province backbone 311,552
AS134775 CHINANET Guangdong province Zhusanjiao MAN network 311,552
AS38365 Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 286,464
AS45069 china tietong Shandong net 278,784
AS135629 Ningxia West Cloud Data Technology Co.Ltd. 272,896
AS38283 CHINANET SiChuan Telecom Internet Data Center 240,128
AS133119 China Unicom IP network 238,848
AS45062 Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd. 234,496
AS24361 CERNET2 IX at Southeast University 227,328
AS134764 CHINANET Guangdong province network 227,328
AS136958 China Unicom Guangdong IP network 219,648
AS17799 asn for Liaoning Provincial Net of CT 214,528
AS140310 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Dongguan 5G network 201,728
AS24369 CERNET2 IX at Northeast University 201,472
AS24349 CERNET2 IX at Peking University 199,168
AS9811 srit corp.,beijing. 197,888
AS140314 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Shantou 5G network 197,120
AS18118 CITIC Networks Management Co.,Ltd. 196,608
AS9308 Abitcool(China) Inc. 194,816
AS134762 CHINANET Liaoning province Dalian MAN network 186,368
AS133774 Fuzhou 182,272
AS17430 Beijing XiRang Media Cultural Co., Ltd. 177,152
AS134768 CHINANET SHAANXI province Cloud Base network 173,824
AS17897 asn for Heilongjiang Provincial Net of CT 157,696
AS23844 Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Digital 156,928
AS140726 UNICOM AnHui province network 153,344
AS136188 NINGBO, ZHEJIANG Province, P.R.China. 144,128
AS17775 shanghai science and technology network communication limited company 135,168
AS55992 Beijing Qihu Technology Company Limited 131,840
AS63555 Beijing Beilong Yunhai Network Data Technology Corporation 131,072
AS131285 CHINATELECOM Hubei province Shengji 5G network 131,072
AS58563 CHINANET Hubei province network 127,488
AS138421 China Unicom 124,928
AS59019 Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Internet Technology Co., Ltd 123,904
AS134763 CHINANET Guangdong province network 122,624
AS139007 UNICOM InnerMongolia province network 119,296
AS134542 China Unicom IP network 119,296
AS38372 FoShan RuiJiang Science and Tech Ltd. 114,688
AS134419 Beihai 112,640
AS58542 Tianjij,300000 112,384
AS136190 JINHUA, ZHEJIANG Province, P.R.China. 110,592
AS137702 Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China. 104,192
AS141771 China Telecom 103,424
AS131486 Beijing Jingdong 360 Degree E-commerce Co., Ltd. 100,352
AS9306 China International Electronic Commerce Center 98,304
AS138378 CERNET2 regional IX at Yunnan University 98,304
AS133775 Xiamen 91,136
AS24362 CERNET2 IX at University of Science and Technology of China 90,368
AS137694 CHINATELECOM Xinjiang Kezhou MAN network 90,112
AS17969 Beijing Kuancom Network Technology Co.,Ltd. 89,856
AS24363 CERNET2 IX at Shandong University 89,088
AS24353 CERNET2 IX at Xi'an Jiaotong University 88,064
AS58541 Qingdao,266000 86,528
AS63835 CT-HuNan-Changsha-IDC 85,504
AS134238 CHINANET Jiangx province IDC network 84,992
AS137697 CHINATELECOM JiangSu YangZhou IDC networkdescr: YangZhou , Jiangsu Province, P.R.China. 84,480
AS134420 Chongqing Telecom 80,896
AS24134 CNLink Networks Ltd. 78,080
AS63646 Beijing Xiaoju Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 74,752
AS56019 Beijing ShuJuJia Technology Co., Ltd. 73,728
AS9298 Beijing GuanghuanXuntong Digital Technology Co.,LTD. 73,728
AS137689 IOT Jiangsu network, Chinatelecom, P.R.China. 73,728
AS137688 CHINATELECOM Liaoning Benxi MAN 72,192
AS138950 Jiangsu Wuxi International IDC network 70,656
AS59037 Hangzhou ZhiYu Network Technology Co.,Ltd. 69,632
AS133118 China Unicom IP network 67,584
AS24137 HeNan Ping Coal Group 67,584
AS59078 Yunify Technologies Inc. 65,792
AS18239 Beijing Capital Public Information Platform 65,536
AS45113 Shanxi Datong Coal Group Communication Co., Ltd 65,536
AS137539 China Unicom 65,536
AS45083 Beijing haixunda Communication Co., Ltd 65,536
AS45075 China Central Television 65,536
AS24371 CERNET2 IX at Jilin University 65,536
AS24352 CERNET2 IX at Tianjin University 65,536
AS37937 China eGovNet Information Center 65,536
AS24356 CERNET2 IX at Chongqing University 65,536
AS137693 CHINATELECOM Guangxi Nanning IDC networkdescr: Nanning , Guangxi Province, P.R.China. 65,280
AS134760 Shijiazhuang IDC network, CHINANET Hebei province 65,024
AS37943 ZhengZhou GIANT Computer Network Technology Co., Ltd 61,440
AS134771 WENZHOU, ZHEJIANG Province, P.R.China. 60,928
AS134756 CHINANET Nanjing Jishan IDC network 60,672
AS45058 Golden-Bridge Netcom communication Co.,LTD. 59,904
AS134774 CHINANET Guangdong province Shenzhen MAN network 59,392
AS132510 IDC ShanXi China Mobile communications corporation 58,624
AS9939 AS for Anlai 58,368
AS136195 Qingdao, Shandong Province, P.R.China. 58,112
AS59077 Shanghai UCloud Information Technology Company Limited 57,344
AS137695 CHINATELECOM Xinjiang Wulumuqi MAN network 56,832
AS58540 Jinan,250000 55,808
AS45061 Shanghai Information Network Co.,Ltd. 54,272
AS10212 China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited 48,384
AS63838 Hengyang 48,384
AS139080 The Internet Data Center of Sichuan Mobile Communication Company Limited 48,384
AS4813 China Telecom(Group) 48,128
AS55461 Beijing Sun Rise Technology CO.,LTD 47,104
AS55967 Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 46,592
AS140315 CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Jieyang 5G network 46,080
AS18245 CNNIC 45,824
AS140716 UNICOM JiangSu WuXi IDC network 45,056
AS133111 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 41,216
AS137687 Luoyang, Henan Province, P.R.China. 40,960
AS140527 China Telecom 39,424
AS134543 China Unicom Guangdong IP network 37,888
AS136197 Xiong'an, Hebei Province, P.R.China. 37,376
AS9801 Beijing Zhongguancun Information Technology Co. Ltd 36,864
AS134765 CHINANET Yunnan province IDC1 network 36,096
AS140553 CHINATELECOM XINJIANG province Shengji 5G network 36,096
AS38027 Information Center, Ministry of Sci and Tech 35,840
AS135357 Shenzhen Katherine Heng Technology Information Co., Ltd. 35,072
AS133776 Quanzhou 34,560
AS135061 China Unicom Guangdong IP network 34,048
AS56282 Beijing Internet Harbor Technology Co., Ltd 33,792
AS134766 CHINANET Yunnan province IDC2 network 33,280
AS37965 Pacnet Business Solutions LTD 33,280
AS63648 Beijing Xiaoju Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 33,024
AS140486 CHINATELECOM ZHEJIANG province JINHUA 5GC network 33,024
AS140485 CHINATELECOM ZHEJIANG province HANGZHOU 5GC network 33,024
AS131562 HUNAN CATV Network Group CO.,LTD. 32,768
AS17490 Broadhand IP Network based DWDM 32,768
AS63612 Shenzhen Qianhai bird cloud computing Co. Ltd. 32,256
AS58879 Shanghai Anchang Network Security Technology Co.,Ltd. 32,000
AS137692 IOT Guangdong network, Chinatelecom, P.R.China. 30,976
AS140647 CHINATELECOM Guizhou province Shengji 5G network 30,208
AS24429 Zhejiang Taobao Network Co.,Ltd 29,440
AS56292 Beijing Sanxin Shidai Co.Ltd 28,672
AS59050 Beijing Cloud-Ark Technology Co.,Ltd. 27,648
AS131325 CHINATELECOM JIANGSU province NANTONG MAN network 26,112
AS58539 Langfang,Hebei province, P.R.China 24,064
AS59008 Beijing flash newsletter cas telecommunication 23,808
AS138371 CERNET2 regional IX at Ocean University of China 22,784
AS23853 Shanghai Data Solution Co., Ltd. 22,016
AS23848 Shenzhen Ping An Communication Technology Co.,Ltd 22,016
AS141425 China Mobile Group Guangdong communications corporation 21,760
AS38346 HangTian Info Network Ltd. 21,504
AS24355 CERNET2 IX at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 21,504
AS136959 China Unicom Guangdong IP network 21,248
AS139201 Jiangxi Jiujiang IDC 20,736
AS24151 China Internet Network Infomation Center 18,944
AS17428 21Vianet.Co.,Ltd 18,432
AS139220 Sichuan Chuanxn IDC 18,176
AS63619 Beijing Sankuai Cloud Computing Co.,Ltd. 17,408
AS137699 CHINATELECOM Jiangsu Suqian IDC network 16,896
AS136191 YICHANG, Hubei Province, P.R.China. 16,640
AS23842 Shenzhen Information and Network Center 16,384
AS18243 Shanghai EaseNet Network Technology Development Co.,Ltd 16,384
AS58998 Beijing Internet Harbor Technology Co.,Ltd 16,384
AS139180 Shandong eshinton Network Technology Co., Ltd. 16,384
AS24422 Huatong information network 16,384
AS23839 LiaoHe Oilfield Telecommunication Company 16,384
AS18242 Chengdu Information Harbor Co., Ltd 16,384
AS24367 CERNET2 IX at Zhejiang University 16,384
AS138982 Hubei Jiangxia IDC 15,360
AS23852 Guangdong World Crossing Technology Investment Ltd. 14,848
AS59083 Shanghai Kuanhui Tech. Co.,ltd 14,848
AS63590 Hebei Broadcasting&TV Network 14,592
AS140345 CHINATELECOM Yunnan province Shengji 5G network 14,592
AS134761 CHINANET NINGXIA province ZHONGWEI IDC network 14,336
AS45110 Beijing Tian Wei Xin Tong technology corp. limited. 14,336
AS136192 Xiangyang, Hubei Province, P.R.China. 14,336
AS9807 Data Management Centre National Bureau of Statistics of China 14,336
AS38363 Shanghai Highway Information Technology Co.,Ltd 13,824
AS131536 Shanghai Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co., Ltd. 13,824
AS139018 Henan Luoyang IDC 13,312
AS139203 Guizhou GuiAn IDC 13,312
AS63691 Beijing wisdom network technology Co., Ltd. polymerization 13,312
AS140105 Shaanxi Mobile Communication Company Limited 12,800
AS132147 CT-SHANXI-MAN 12,544
AS59029 People.Cn CO.,LTD 11,776
AS134770 CHINANET Jiangsu province Suzhou taihu IDC network 11,264
AS137690 Zaozhuang,Shandong Province, P.R.China. 11,264
AS24141 Shanghai DMT Information Network cor.,LTD. 11,008
AS140636 China Telecom 10,752
AS137718 Beijing Volcano Engine Technology Co., Ltd. 10,240
AS132225 China Telecom 10,240
AS58834 Guangdong Cable Corporation Limited 9,984
AS140083 China Telecom 9,472
AS63631 Guangdong Cloudbase Technology Co., Ltd. 9,216
AS59011 Beijing Yunlin Network Technology Co.,Ltd. 9,216
AS38381 Travelsky Technology Limited 9,216
AS18257 ChangZhou Bitcomm Software Technology Co., Limited 8,960
AS24413 ShenZhen Sunrise Technology Co.,Ltd. 8,704
AS24424 Beijing Gu Xiang Information Technology Co.,Ltd. 8,704
AS17739 Shanghai Telecom Haplink Network Co., Ltd 8,192
AS17966 China Information Broadcast Network Ltd.Co. 8,192
AS17633 ASN for Shandong Provincial Net of CT 8,192
AS24427 Freecomm Corporation 8,192
AS133865 Beijing IQIYI Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 8,192
AS24428 Beijing Founder Broadband Network Technology Co.,Ltd 7,936
AS55994 Shanghai ruisu Network Technology Co.,Ltd 7,424
AS136194 Huangshi, Hubei Province, P.R.China. 7,168
AS140638 China Telecom 7,168
AS139462 CHINANET Guizhou Yilong IDC 7,168
AS140886 UNICOM Guangxi province network 7,168
AS59080 Beijing HuaxiaYakue Network Technology Co., Ltd. 7,168
AS38345 Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Resrarch Center Ltd. 6,912
AS139887 ChinaNet Shandong Yantai IDC network 6,656
AS134769 ChinaNet Jiangsu Changzhou Liyang IDC network 6,400
AS55959 Hangzhou Netbank Technologies co.,LTD 6,144
AS132153 CT-SHANXI-MAN-2 6,144
AS63695 WeiYi Network Technology Co., Ltd 6,144
AS38379 Shanghai Maginetwork Cro,.Ltd. 5,888
AS138407 The Internet Data Center of Guizhou Mobile Communication Company Limited 5,888
AS23910 China Next Generation Internet CERNET2 5,632
AS136193 Jingzhou, Hubei Province, P.R.China. 5,632
AS136160 Beijing Shijihulian Yuntong Network Technology Co., Ltd. 5,376
AS131477 Shanghai Huajuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. 5,120
AS9810 Beijing Times Netstar Technology Co.,Ltd 5,120
AS140707 UNICOM Ningxia province network 5,120
AS4611 CNNIC member 4,864
AS58962 SiChuan Century LiXin Financial Management Consulting Co., LTD 4,864
AS136146 Beijing 3389 Network Technology Co., Ltd. 4,864
AS142611 Shanghai Tujuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. 4,608
AS59067 Microsoft Mobile Alliance Internet Services Co., Ltd 4,608
AS55972 Beijing Sawas Technology Co.LTD. 4,352
AS42962 Shijiazhuang XuDing Technology Company Ltd 4,352
AS131495 Beijing nine cloud infinite network technology co., LTD 4,096
AS59072 Shenzhen ESIN Technology Co., Ltd 4,096
AS7640 China International Trust & Investment Corporation Management Information Center 4,096
AS24409 China Internet Network Infomation Center 4,096
AS38367 Union Life Insurance Co.,Ltd. 4,096
AS24489 Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN2) - North 4,096
AS24143 Qingdao Cable TV Network Center 4,096
AS24495 gnet Integrated Services Co. 4,096
AS56012 LGNET China 4,096
AS140330 CHINATELECOM Fujian province Xiamen 5G network 4,096
AS38358 Information Center of China Association for Science and Technology 4,096
AS38378 Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. 4,096
AS134418 SHAANXI province 4,096
AS4859 The State Information Center of P.R.China 4,096
AS24406 China Internet Network Infomation Center 3,840
AS37942 China Cultural Heritage Information and Consulting Center 3,840
AS58772 CHINANET Fujian province Fuzhou IDC network 3,584
AS10206 China Unicom Zhongwei Cloud 3,584
AS135577 SAP 3,584
AS55958 Intel China Ltd 3,328
AS63679 Jiangsu Cloud Together Information Technology Co. Ltd. 3,328
AS9803 Beijing Jingxun Public Information Technology Co., Ltd 3,328
AS56005 Zhengzhou Fastidc Technology Co.,Ltd. 3,328
AS59045 Guangzhou navigation information technology co., LTD 3,328
AS45101 Wal-mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 3,072
AS55468 China Radio International 2,816
AS133952 Zhengzhou longling technology ltd. 2,816
AS138991 China Telecom 2,816
AS136600 Beijing Fengniao Network Technology Co., Ltd 2,560
AS63549 LiaoNing Tulong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 2,560
AS63673 Shenzhen Ping An Communication Technology Co.,Ltd 2,304
AS58536 CONAC (China Organizational Name Administration Center) 2,304
AS137735 China Construction Bank 2,304
AS63655 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd 2,048
AS139721 HeFei 2,048
AS142404 China Telecom 2,048
AS63548 LENOVO (BEIJING) 2,048
AS45074 Data Management Centre National Bureau of Statistics of China 2,048
AS139057 Baishan Cloud 2,048
AS131574 Beijing Cloud Mind Technologies Co., Ltd 2,048
AS58852 Guizhou provincial radio and television information Network Inc 2,048
AS63677 Jiangsu Cloud Ever Information Technology Co. Ltd. 2,048
AS63689 Esun Technology(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd 2,048
AS63701 Jishi Media Co ., Ltd. 2,048
AS136180 Beijing Tiantexin Tech. Co., Ltd. 2,048
AS63561 China Electronics Technology Cyber Security Co.,LTD 2,048
AS63598 Hebei Kun Time Network Technology Co. Ltd. 2,048
AS63535 Chengdu Wanda Electronic Information Technology Co.,Ltd 2,048
AS63620 ShenZhen HuaBo Technology Develop Co., Ltd. 2,048
AS59009 QingDao WangXin Telcom Corp. Limited 2,048
AS137698 Haerbing , Heilongjiang Province, P.R.China. 2,048
AS139115 Guangtongtianxia Network Technology Limited Company 2,048
AS134417 Nanjing 2,048
AS59022 Kunming Broadcast&TV Network CO.,LTD 2,048
AS63603 GSS China 2,048
AS38375 Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited 2,048
AS136189 Opera Software Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 2,048
AS18241 State Power Information Net 2,048
AS38380 China South Locomotive And Rolling Stock Industry Company 2,048
AS24490 Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN2) - SG 2,048
AS58866 China Financial Certification Authority 1,792
AS136758 ShenZhen Century-One Limited 1,792
AS45084 CNNIC-BTV-AP 1,792
AS141157 Guangxi Telecom Nanning Wuxiang Yuanyang IDC 1,792
AS134169 CERNEWTECH (Beijing) co.,LTD 1,792
AS38339 CNISP-Union Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd 1,792
AS59065 PayPal Network Information Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 1,792
AS63617 McKinsey & Consulting Company Inc. Shanghai 1,536
AS58811 CONAC (China Organizational Name Administration Center) 1,536
AS24404 CNISP-Union Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd 1,536
AS59048 Bei Jing Cloud Times Technology Co.,Ltd 1,536
AS63583 Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research 1,536
AS135363 Beijing Dunhuang Heguang Information Technology Co.,Lt. 1,536
AS58859 Shenzhen WSUNet Technology Co., Ltd. 1,280
AS140979 China Unicom Shanghai FuTe IDC network 1,280
AS133219 NewMedia Express Pte Ltd 1,280
AS133465 Duke Kunshan University 1,280
AS58518 China Telecom 1,280
AS63614 Beijing Qishang Online Data and Communication Tec, Inc. 1,280
AS63582 Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research 1,280
AS9405 Test platform Service Center 1,280
AS137785 CACloud Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS59089 CloudVsp 1,024
AS38057 Dell (China) Co.,Ltd 1,024
AS63565 Beijing lian guang tong network technology co., LTD 1,024
AS59057 Bei jing yong xin chang lian ke ji you xian gong si 1,024
AS59049 Wal-mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS59056 Shanghai Yuantong Technologies Co., Ltd 1,024
AS38272 China Education and Research Network (CERNET) 1,024
AS135006 VERI2 1,024
AS132019 Earth network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 1,024
AS131530 Shanghai Stacks Network Co., Ltd 1,024
AS137710 Net God Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS138698 Tianjin Longsheng Technology Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS138029 Shen Zhen Hu Lian Xian Feng Technology Co., Limited 1,024
AS137715 GTJA Securities 1,024
AS131578 Beijing Foreign Studies University 1,024
AS59012 China Grain Reserves Group LTD.Company 1,024
AS59010 UnionFriend Network information service Co.,LTD 1,024
AS63641 Mega Vantage Information Consulting Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS55971 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 1,024
AS55966 Post Savings Bank of China 1,024
AS59003 Tianjin B&T broadband network technology Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS45071 Li Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd 1,024
AS58850 Bloomberg Financial Information (Beijing) Co Ltd 1,024
AS137801 AIPO Cloud (Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS63629 Beijing Autohome imformation technology Co.,Ltd 1,024
AS63634 China Payment & Clearing Network Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS58862 Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. 1,024
AS137806 WMGS Consulting (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd 1,024
AS137804 China Internet Exchange 1,024
AS45086 Shanghai Yovole Networks Inc. 1,024
AS212237 Changgong Zhang 1,024
AS45087 China Duty Free group 1,024
AS139184 Beijing Swiftcall Science Technologies,Ltd 1,024
AS131503 China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation 1,024
AS139177 New Oriental Education & Technology Group Ltd. 1,024
AS63705 Nanjing Anlai Xinxi Tongxin Jishu Youxian Gongsi 1,024
AS63704 Guizhou provincial radio and television information Network Inc 1,024
AS139110 Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology (Beijing) Ltd 1,024
AS137777 Shenzhen dragon brother industrial co., LTD 1,024
AS131519 Hisense 1,024
AS56003 Beijing Century Union Network Technology Co.,LTD. 1,024
AS133475 New York University ASN 1,024
AS137761 ETIIR 1,024
AS56015 China Sports Lottery Technology Development Co., Ltd 1,024
AS131497 Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., LTD 1,024
AS137753 Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Technology Co. Ltd. 1,024
AS55982 Changhong IT information Products CO.,LTD. 1,024
AS137762 Guosen youyun software system co. LTD. 1,024
AS137787 Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Technology Co. Ltd. 1,024
AS139138 Gopay Information Technology Co.,Ltd 1,024
AS137764 Beijing Youkai Technology Co.Ltd 1,024
AS55973 Universal Cinema Services Co., Ltd 1,024
AS24575 DRAGONLAB 1,024
AS24350 CERNET2 IX at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications 768
AS59066 Dianji Network Technology Co. Ltd 768
AS58517 China Telecom 768
AS9401 National Library of China 768
AS137758 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited,ICBC 768
AS58448 CONAC (China Organizational Name Administration Center) 768
AS59073 Bank of China Limited 768
AS139726 Guangdong Yunjie Communication Co., Ltd. 768
AS55998 CNLink Network Technology Ltd. 768
AS131524 Shanghai pujv Communication Technology co., Ltd. 768
AS63530 Beijing Guanghuan newsletter network communication technology limited liability company 768
AS63541 Beijing Blue I.T Technologies Co.,Ltd. 768
AS63690 China Dragon Telecom Co.,Ltd 512
AS139266 Guangzhou Tiansui Information Technology Co., Ltd. 512
AS137719 Qingdao Weidong Big Data Technology Co., Ltd 512
AS137778 Nangjing sichongzou kemao Ltd. 512
AS139091 Shanghai MBN telecommunication technology Co., LTD. 512
AS131558 Wal-mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 512
AS139090 Wuxi Education Information Management Service Center 512
AS63580 China Novartis Institutes for Bio-Medical Research Co., Ltd. 512
AS139061 Societe Generale (China) Limited 512
AS58520 Nanton 512
AS131577 Wuhan Unifiber Communication Co., Ltd. 512
AS131525 Nanjing Tuniu Technology Co. Ltd. 512
AS139141 Yusys Financial Cloud 512
AS56006 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co.,Ltd. 512
AS38173 Qinlong Networks 512
AS35696 Pingtan Hotline Network Technology Co., Limited 512
AS139139 Shenyang Agricultural University 512
AS139908 Karamay Hzon Network Technology Development Co.,Ltd. 512
AS139113 Shanghai Felizlink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 512
AS55786 1065-A Zhaojiabang Road 512
AS139799 Beijing Dajia Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. 512
AS63640 Jilin Province Longke Information Technology Co., Ltd. 512
AS140720 UNICOM JiangSu NanTong IDC network 512
AS139635 Hubei Yunwutong Network Technology Co., Ltd. 512
AS137759 MTS SYSTEM (China) Co.,Ltd 512
AS37936 SINA 512
AS139179 China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co.,Ltd. 512
AS23911 China Next Generation Internet Beijing IX 512
AS55956 Magna Automotive Technology and Service(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd 512
AS139182 ABC Life Insurance Co., Ltd 512
AS59033 Esun Technology(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd 512
AS63696 China Securities Co., Ltd 512
AS63615 GE (China) Co.,Ltd 256
AS59023 Forest Eternal Communication Tech. 256
AS137747 Beijing Chijun Network Advisory Service Co,Ltd 256
AS138405 Lee Kinshing 256
AS59034 BeiJing Wish Network Technology CO.,LTD. 256
AS58571 CHINANET Guizhou province network 256
AS139316 Hubei Huanggang IDC 256
AS4842 Tianhai InfoTech 256
AS139584 China Telecom Jiangsu Nanjing MAN network 256
AS55439 Internet Systems Consortium, (Beijing, China) 256
AS131482 Hangzhou Aron Teconology Co.,Ltd. 256
AS63571 Shenzhen cyberlink Century Investment Co., Ltd. 256
AS137767 Shanghai General Motor Corporation Limited 256
AS17442 ChinaNetCenter Ltd. 256
AS38238 Societe Generale (China) Limited 256
AS139774 CERNET Center 256
AS24370 CERNET2 IX at Dalian University of Technology 256
AS38587 CERNET Internet Data Center 256
AS139888 D430-COM 256
AS17776 China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited 256
AS63722 Hodo Telecom Co,Ltd. 256
AS137794 Dahe tianchi (Beijing) network co. LTD 256
AS55976 Beijing DxConsole Technology Co. Ltd 256
AS9406 NSFC High Speed Testbed 256
AS133194 Connections Hub Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. Company 256
AS139178 Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center 256
AS63697 China Securities Co., Ltd 256
AS10111 Zeofast Network 256
AS139183 Thomson Reuters (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd 256
AS63531 Beijing BAIWU Technology Co., Ltd. 256
AS140500 Henan Anyun Network Technology Co., Ltd. 256
AS139742 Peddie Institute Co., Ltd 256
AS141391 TrustOcean Limited 256
AS139108 Beckman Coulter Commercial Enterprise(China)Co.,Ltd. 256
AS139767 China Telecom Headquarters OA network 256
AS137798 Digital Guangdong Network Construction Co, Ltd 256
AS58863 Beijing Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. for business network communications 256
AS140362 LinusCloud Network 0
AS140498 RCold Network 0
AS140731 TOHU Public Internet 0
AS140913 Hentai Network Lab 0
AS141011 HUIZE-NET 0
AS141021 GeedgeNet 0
AS140946 JBDXBL Network 0
AS140936 SUNNET Global Network 0
AS141445 Phoenix Network 0
AS141749 Zezhu Yu 0
AS141776 Baoshuo Network 0
AS142048 0
AS142280 NaiveTomcat Education and Research Experimental Network Backbone 0
AS142418 TaterLi Education And Research Network 0
AS142549 Magnetic Discovery Education and Research Network 0
AS142164 GoldDoge Computer Technologies & Networks Information Center 0
AS142284 Koala Network 0
AS142553 Airs Project Private Network Main 0
AS142554 0
AS142566 Baoyun Network 0
AS142266 YANG MAN 0
AS142588 Lichun Tang Trading as 400Host 0
AS17830 David Liu aka PotatoNet 0
AS208830 ifanr Inc. 0
AS211162 Jinxu FANG 0
AS211843 Nanjing Tiankai Information Technology Co.Ltd. 0
AS24144 China LSHIY Group Co., Ltd. 0
AS24351 CERNET2 IX at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 0
AS24354 CERNET2 IX at Lanzhou University 0
AS24360 CERNET2 IX at Zhengzhou University 0
AS24366 CERNET2 IX at Tongji University 0
AS24368 CERNET2 IX at Xiamen University 0
AS24365 CERNET2 IX at Fudan University 0
AS24372 CERNET2 IX at Harbin Institute of Technology 0
AS24149 Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Resrarch Center Ltd. 0
AS24239 TWD2 Education and Research Network 0
AS38255 China Education and Research Network (CERNET) 0
AS38179 YuYan Network Backbone 0
AS38355 ChongQing Broadcast & TV Broadband IP MAN 0
AS45275 BII Group Holding Ltd. 0
AS55641 Changping District, Beijing 0
AS55826 Tianjin University IPv6 Campus Network 0
AS56004 Information Center of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission 0
AS59068 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co.,Ltd. 0
AS63678 Jiangsu Cloud Ever Information Technology Co. Ltd. 0
AS63707 Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. 0
AS9886 MercyCloud Network 0
AS131137 Inspur Software Group Co., Ltd. 0
AS131521 Haitong Securities Company Limited 0
AS133492 AIYUN 0
AS133512 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS133513 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS133514 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS133515 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS133518 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS133517 CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS133555 DOORPOST Limited 0
AS134478 JSMSR 0
AS134488 CTJ's Global Network 0
AS134602 shuiM Data Exchange Center 0
AS134993 iLemonrain Network 0
AS135365 Shanghai Youzu Information Technology Co. LTD 0
AS137256 CatIO Network 0
AS137410 Baka Network 0
AS137691 Heilongjiang Province, P.R.China. 0
AS137726 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation 0
AS137799 China Guangfa Bank 0
AS137805 Beijing JD Finance Technology Holding Co., Ltd. 0
AS138166 LUYAO LIU 0
AS138182 CERNET2 regional IX at Hebei Normal University 0
AS138211 MoeQing Network Service 0
AS138373 CERNET2 regional IX at Fuzhou University 0
AS138370 CERNET2 regional IX at Nanchang University 0
AS138374 CERNET2 regional IX at Taiyuan University 0
AS138375 CERNET2 regional IX at Inner Mongolia University 0
AS138376 CERNET2 regional IX at Ningxia University 0
AS138377 CERNET2 regional IX at Qinghai Normal University 0
AS138381 CERNET2 regional IX at Guizhou University 0
AS138441 CERNET2 regional IX at Xinjiang University 0
AS138990 WooMai Network 0
AS139073 Fantasy Sky Internet eXchange 0
AS139100 BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. 0
AS139205 Guangzhou JiXian Network Technology Co., Ltd 0
AS139216 Htroy Network Research Limited 0
AS139328 Haima Global Network 0
AS139589 GTDev Network 0
AS139247 PPPWAW Network 0
AS139249 ENMOE LTD. 0
AS139231 Zero 0
AS139317 Ningbo Dahuamao Information Technology Co Ltd 0
AS139618 Zhu Hai Shi Fu Yuan Le Yu Technology Limited 0
AS139796 JiuYao NET 0
AS140265 CHINATELECOM SiChuan province Chengdu 5G network 0