Cayman Islands ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to Cayman Islands, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network.

ASN Name Num IPS
AS62831 Uniregistry Corp. 32,768
AS36549 WestTel Ltd. 29,184
AS6639 Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Ltd. 26,624
AS16437 Infinity Broadband Ltd 5,888
AS21744 WestStar TV Ltd 3,328
AS3962 DirectNIC, Ltd. 2,048
AS13771 Digicel Cayman Limited 2,048
AS16705 TeleCayman 1,280
AS397343 SALT 1,024
AS398132 SALT 256
AS63363 Uniregistry Corp. 256
AS398831 SALT 256