Seychelles ASN Summary

The report below shows ASNs assigned to Seychelles, ranked by the total number of IP addresses currently active on each network.

ASN Name Num IPS
AS37518 Fiber Grid INC 1,114,112
AS328543 Sun Network Company Limited 35,328
AS62255 Asmunda New Media Ltd. 24,576
AS36902 Intelvision Ltd 21,504
AS36958 Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd 19,712
AS37343 Telecom Seychelles Limited 16,640
AS202425 IP Volume inc 14,336
AS204997 Network Management Ltd 10,240
AS62160 Yes Networks Unlimited Ltd 8,192
AS206264 Amarutu Technology Ltd 5,888
AS205090 Network Management Ltd 4,608
AS200651 Flokinet Ltd 4,352
AS200740 Network Management Ltd 3,584
AS20180 1tel S.A. 3,072
AS36867 Kokonet Ltd 3,072
AS207569 Network Management Ltd 2,560
AS35112 GBN group Ltd 2,048
AS64470 Lucid Mind inc. 1,536
AS61316 Yes Networks Unlimited Ltd 1,536
AS327861 Department of ICT Government of Seychelles 1,280
AS203538 Social Discovery Ventures Ltd. 1,024
AS328383 xTom Limited 1,024
AS44571 Netvillage Ltd. 1,024
AS24700 Yes Networks Unlimited Ltd 1,024
AS328703 Seven Network Inc. 1,024
AS204154 Network Management Ltd 768
AS60039 Geotelco Limited 512
AS201118 Intelcom Group Ltd 512
AS204934 Cloud-Layer Limited 512
AS206832 Yes Networks Unlimited Ltd 256
AS207557 BeetleNetwork Ltd. 256
AS211720 Datashield, Inc. 256
AS51381 1337TEAM LIMITED 256
AS42865 Yes Networks Unlimited Ltd 256
AS200699 Datashield, Inc. 256
AS57110 Zeimudo Networks Ltd. 0
AS205125 Network Management Ltd 0
AS213224 Blue Black Squared Limited. 0